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Lunch: Sandwiches


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Samurai Lobster Roll  18 
Delicate chunks of lobster meat and green onions, generously tossed in a ginger, chive and shallot aioli, stuffed into a soft, buttery Viennese brioche roll, topped with fried ginger

The Hamburg  17 
A 7 oz. grilled sirloin patty topped with braised red cabbage, house made mustard, tangy pickle relish and locally sourced microgreens piled high into a soft German ale bun
make it gluten free for $1.50

Optimal Prime  17 
Tender, roasted prime rib, tossed with in a tangy garlic and lemon aioli, nestled in a fresh, buttery brioche roll with microgreens and side beef jus for dipping

Turkey ‘N Fig  16 
Roasted turkey layered with an autumn fig and ginger preserve, Brie cheese and fresh microgreens on thick, toasted multigrain bread

Coppa Cabana  15 
Slices of lean capocolla ham, creamy provolone cheese and a charred broccolini and feta pesto served between two slices of fresh, rustic ciabatta bread

Stromboli Wrap  15 
A fresh tortilla filled with tender roasted chicken, spicy marinated artichokes, gorgonzola cheese, roasted red onions and fresh mozzarella, with a sweet, fresh fig and balsamic vinegar glaze, baked until golden

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