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Lunch: Salads

House Favourites
Light Fare

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Ancho Cesaro  13 
Cut romaine pieces layered with fresh toasted corn, sliced green onions, bacon lardons, Parmesan cheese and hard-boiled eggs all tossed in a savoury ancho-pepper Caesar dressing and topped with cornbread croutons

Mojito Ensalata  14 
Assorted greens, with black beans, strips of red pepper, fried tortilla shards, cherry tomato halves, pineapple and house made queso fresco, drizzled with a white rum, mint and lime vinaigrette

Cauli Power Salad  13 
Assorted greens, with raw cauliflower rice, fresh slices of apple, julienned shallots, spicy roasted crispy chickpeas, avocado and fresh mint and parsley, bathed in a roasted lemon dressing
vegan and gluten free

Chimichurri Pollo  15 
Romaine, garnished with freshly sliced avocado, tomato wedges and red onion, topped with a 6 oz. grilled chicken breast and drizzled with a creamy chimichurri aioli and savoury cornbread crumble

Peach Berry Salad  14 
Fresh berries and peaches, peppered over an assortment of greens, topped with house made almond ricotta cheese, toasted almonds and salted pepitas and dressed with a fragrant blackberry vinaigrette
vegan, gluten free and contains nuts


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