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Lunch: Salads


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Boffins Vintage Caesar  14 
Romaine with Parmesan cheese, deep fried capers and basil croutons, all drizzled with a creamy Caesar dressing and a pimento coulis, topped with a prosciutto crisp

Baby Spinach  15 
Baby spinach leaves dotted with fresh blueberries, sliced tomatoes and toasted goat cheese with seasoned, grilled asparagus, toasted almonds and a roasted blueberry vinaigrette
vegetarian, gluten free and contains nuts

Garden Cobb  17 
Brined and smoked ham hocks, julienned carrots, hard-boiled eggs, honeyed-jalapeño bacon lardons, tomato, cucumbers, applewood-smoked cheddar, avocado and blackened chicken topped with a savoury lemon-herb buttermilk dressing
gluten free

Berry Mint  15 
Cointreau-marinated rhubarb, toasted hazelnuts, strawberries, freshly torn mint leaves and ricotta cheese on a bed of mixed artisan greens with a tangy citrus-rhubarb vinaigrette
vegetarian, gluten free and contains nuts | swap in vegan “ricotta” for a vegan option

Radish Pisello  14 
Leafy artisan greens topped with pea shoots, pickled red onions, sugar snap peas and an assortment of spring radishes, finished with a bold white wine dressing
vegan and gluten free


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