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Lunch: Salads

Light Fare

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The Cous2  15 
Israeli couscous layered over fresh greens, dotted with cumin roasted carrots and corn, fresh chopped cilantro and toasted almonds all drizzled with honey-yogurt dressing
vegetarian and contains nuts

Eire  16 
A cornucopia of flavours of the Eire featuring tender slices of pepper and herb crusted beef arranged on a bed of greens with fresh red onions, roasted mushrooms and fried parsnips, finished with a tangy, creamy horseradish dressing
gluten free

Et Tu Brussels!  15 
A golden fried Parmesan chicken schnitzel, layered over fresh mixed greens and shaved Brussels sprouts, dotted with bacon lardons, housemade creamy Caesar dressing, fresh Parmesan and topped with garlic croutons

Fire It Up  15 
Fresh assorted greens with vegetable braised edamame beans, fresh basil chiffonade, pea shoots, sprouts, sweet potato strings and savoury nut dukkah topped with an Asian influenced chipotle dressing
vegan and contains nuts

Supersalad  14 
A bed of greens and fragrant fresh herbs paired with broccoli florets, red cabbage, grapefruit segments, a sprinkling of hemp seeds, our savoury housemade tamari and coconut roasted chickpeas, all dressed with a lemon coconut vinaigrette
vegan and gluten free


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