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Lunch: Salads

Light Fare

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Caesar Got Back  14 
Fresh romaine pieces dotted with savoury butter croutons, golden bacon lardons, Parmesan, hard boiled eggs and drizzled with a creamy garlic and goat cheese Caesar dressing

Little Buffalo Blue  15 
A contemporary mix of sweet and heat – mixed greens layered with Buffalo cauliflower florets, blue cheese crumble, julienne carrots, diced red pepper and green onions, ladled with a fresh yogurt-ranch dressing
vegetarian and gluten free

California Dreamin'  16 
Tender quinoa and fresh greens layered with avocado, julienne red onions, grape tomatoes, a lemon glazed salmon fillet and finished off with a honey-Dijon vinaigrette
gluten free

Calypso Sun  15 
Fresh assorted greens layered with black beans, fresh grilled pineapple, diced red pepper and red onions, topped with a mango-lime dressing and toasted coconut curls
vegan and gluten free

Chef's Patio  16 
Assorted greens dotted with fresh plums, aged cheddar and mozzarella, hard boiled eggs, avocado, bacon lardons, lemon candied walnuts, herbed chicken and sprouts all delicately brushed with a balsamic blueberry vinaigrette


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