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Lunch: Salads

House Favourites
Light Fare

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Augustus Caesar  13 
Fresh romaine and kale with golden-toasted walnuts, rye croutons, bacon lardons and fresh Parmesan tossed in a vibrant crème fraîche Caesar dressing
contains nuts

Bianco é Nero  15 
Swiss chard and mixed greens interlaced with fresh slices of pear, Gorgonzola blue cheese, Brie cheese and toasted, crushed macadamia nuts all drizzled with a blood orange dressing
vegetarian, gluten free and contains nuts

Shadow Moon  14 
A blend of winter greens and kale with a mélange of mushrooms, black quinoa, beet chips and toasted pumpkin seeds topped with a sunny-side egg and an apple cider-Port dressing
vegetarian and gluten free

Mighty Pharaoh  15 
Greens layered with farro, grape tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese, pomegranate arils, cannellini beans, honeyed pita chips and pistachio-almond dukkah paired with a fresh turmeric-orange and poppy seed vinaigrette
vegetarian and contains nuts

Saskatchetoon Eh!  16 
Shaved prime rib and local tender lentils, layered on a bed of mixed greens with aged white cheddar, fresh chives and crispy corn tortilla shards, with a creamy buttermilk-Dijon dressing
gluten free


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